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"My friend and I had planned a ‘let loose’ weekend, away from the boring husbands. A night in a secluded farmhouse, where we planned to take slutty pics of each other. The first thing we noticed as we pulled up to the house was a boy, he looked to be around 21, watering the front garden. We got ourselves settled in and set up the camera. We had a ball, taking it in turns to shoot each other in sexy poses. It was when we ventured out into the grounds that we spotted the boy again..." Dora

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Hot grans need to confess and NOW!

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  • listen live to the au pairs sex confession
    The Au Pair/Baby Sitter

    "I didn't want to lose my job so I let him take dirty pictures"

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  • Betty loves showing her big tits
    I Love My BIG Tits

    "Guys shout out ‘get yer tits out for the lads’..."

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  • chained in a garage and used for sex
    Chained in a Garage

    "I was kept locked and chained in a garage and used for sex"

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  • hardcore dominatrix keeps a sex slave
    I Keep a Sex Slave

    "I'm a hardcore dominatrix and I keep men for kinky sex"

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  • Lesbian domme keeps a maid to service her
    Maid To Beg

    "I own a personal maid that I let out for special occasions"

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  • Stretch Mark Sharon gets comforted by The Gas Man
    Stretch Mark Sharon

    "The Gas Man clearly loved my big tits and stretch marks"

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  • Echo needs to confess and now! She's kept in a cage and used for sex shows
    Caged for Sex Shows

    "I spend my life locked in a small cage and used for sex shows"

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  • party girl gets fucked by two black cocks
    My 2 Huge Black Cocks

    "The night I went home with two HUGE black bouncers"

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Hear hot grannies confess all about their dirty weekend break

Sex Sinners live sex stories. Listen live and one-to-one at The Confessional Booth. Dora and her best friend are a couple of super hot grannies. Attractive, fit, fun and outgoing spontaneous exhibitionists. Utterly bored with their mundane married lives, they decide to go on a naughty weekend break away. They are hot, horny and out to have some filthy fun. Let loose they sure do. With a sexy session of photography and a session with the grounds boy, these dirty old ladies have an exceptionally good time. If you call now, Dora will tell you all the debauched shenanigans they got up to. She's guilt ridden and needs to get this sinful confession off her chest before next weekend when another break away is planned!

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