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"I am his slave. I accept my fate gladly as I hang here chained to the ceiling in my master's garage.  When my master chose me, I didn't know the extent of my bondage, but I give myself willingly to him. I undressed and he put me in a tight corset that exposed my breasts. The cold air of the garage made my nipples hard and that seemed to please my master. He bound my gloved hands behind me in chains and the feeling of being immobilised left my pussy dripping..." Winnie

Phone me NOW and I'll tell you my full sinful story 1-2-1 LIVE!
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slave bound, blind folded and gagged
tied in a garage and used for sex
ball gagged and tied for sex
sex slave bound with rope
bdsm sex slave

My sex story as a slave chained in a garage!

Wave your wand of absolution and forgive me for my sins!
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Call to hear my confession about life as a chained sex slave

Listen live to kinky sex confessions. Winnie has a Master. A powerful entity that controls her life. She is locked, chained, bound and gagged and kept in a garage and used for seedy sex acts to use at his mercy. She loves this, she needs this. See Winnie is a subservient submissive who wants to be used and abused. She belongs to him and will do anything and everything to please him. She worships him, respects him and always obeys him. Unable to move, see or speak - today was special. Winnie came harder than ever before. Find out what The Master did to bring her to the heights of ecstacy and phone her now. She has no one to talk to, she needs to tell someone. Will you listen as she confesses?

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