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I'm Sister Euphoria, times are hard down at The Convent of Immaculate Indulgence. The only thing we're not short of is sinners!


So we've decided the best way to reach out to the upstanding members of our community is to go into business and franchise out forgiveness. So we've created a new order for lay members. The Brothers of Perpetual Pervitude and we're here to enrol you and connect you live to our Confession Booth so you can hear for yourself details of the sordid and depraved behaviour of our sinners. We're not talking about redemption for mass murdering, totaliltarian despots but if a woman has found it impossible to resist the overwhelming temptation of a threesome with the MILF next door or she's decided to wear no panties and a see through top to work to enchance her career prospects you may find yourself willing to wave your wand of absolution.


A selection of sinners are already queueing for the Confession Booth and you can contact them, absolutely LIVE by calling the numbers you'll find when you click on the picture below.

If you can't wait, call Laura in the Confession Booth now on:
09097 901 649 she's waiting to confess the filthy details of her life as a Slut Wife!
Calls cost £1.50 per min plus your phone company's access charge.

Live phone sex stories confessed directly to you LIVE by repentant sinners

These girls want to go to heaven! Thy've been bad but they want to confess (so they can commit more acts of depravity!). You have the power to wave your wand and give them absolution. They need you! Click to find out more.

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  • listen live to the au pairs sex confession
    The Au Pair/Baby Sitter

    "I didn't want to lose my job so I let him take dirty pictures"

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  • Betty loves showing her big tits
    I Love My BIG Tits

    "Guys shout out ‘get yer tits out for the lads’..."

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  • chained in a garage and used for sex
    Chained in a Garage

    "I was kept locked and chained in a garage and used for sex"

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  • hardcore dominatrix keeps a sex slave
    I Keep a Sex Slave

    "I'm a hardcore dominatrix and I keep men for kinky sex"

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  • Lesbian domme keeps a maid to service her
    Maid To Beg

    "I own a personal maid that I let out for special occasions"

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  • horny flasher loves to bear all in public
    Horny Flasher

    "I’m just a horny flasher â€?want to see my goodies?"

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  • Stretch Mark Sharon gets comforted by The Gas Man
    Stretch Mark Sharon

    "The Gas Man clearly loved my big tits and stretch marks"

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  • Echo needs to confess and now! She's kept in a cage and used for sex shows
    Caged for Sex Shows

    "I spend my life locked in a small cage and used for sex shows"

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  • party girl gets fucked by two black cocks
    My 2 Huge Black Cocks

    "The night I went home with two HUGE black bouncers"

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Guilt ridden sex sinners confess their shameful sins 121 LIVE

Phone now to listen live to hot sex confessions. The shame and guilt of these sinners�sordid antics is an overwhelming burden. The filthy misdemeanors they have committed are simply just too much to keep a secret. Down right dirty - they have to tell someone! They are gagging to tell someone! They are truly sorry and desperately need forgiveness, they seek absolution. They need the strength to resist and overcome these naughty temptations. Because let’s be honest - once they have a taste for the wicked, then it’s a likelihood the sin will be committed again. Please show mercy on these repentant sinners. Understand that it’s hard to avoid the profane when the profane was so fucking good. Click any of the sinners above to hear them confess their sex story to you, upfront and personal, 1-2-1 and live. NO �not recorded but LIVE! Join in, get to a bit you particularly like, and just ask them to explain in more detail or you can simply just lay back, relax, cock in hand, tissues at the ready and pull your cock for England. Wank to a sex sinner’s confession and call NOW!

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